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What do women want?

This question has been asked over the past 12 months, and if there is no one dominant answer, there are some indications that have caused WAP  to pause and ask: do Canadian women want a women's party, and if so, what will it look like?

Many younger women we have spoken to are distanced from politics. Those who are engaged, are so with existing political parties. We salute them and wish them success. Older women are wary of the cost in time,energy and resources that starting a women's political party will take.

Natural divisions in orientation and perception, accentuated by a highly individualized approach to organizations in general and politics in particular challenge our core message of the necessity for women to contribute to a radical paradigm shift and develop a new leadership model that is neither partisan nor hierachical.

We firmly believe that there is a role to be played by a women's party/movement in our multicultural Canadian society and in our globalized world.

WAP continues to invite women to think in these terms, to join and shape WAP and run with the idea that women MUST continue to challenge the status quo and actively push for more representation in politics. Ultimately, we are convinced that what women want is a move towards creating a new society based on the active pursuit of peace and the development of sustainable, healthy communities. It is in everyone's interest to do so.