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Fair Vote Canada

"Changing a country's electoral system often represents a far more realistic goal to work towards than dramatically changing the culture's view of women"

June Macdonald
Women for Fair Voting-- Fair Vote Canada

Why does the current system NOT work for women? Check out Fairvote's answer.

… As the corporate interest moves to power in what was the public sector, it serves, predictably, the corporate interest. That is its purpose. …One obvious result has been well-justified doubt as to the quality of much present regulatory effort. There is no question but that corporate influence extends to the regulators. … Needed is independent, honest, professionally competent regulation … This last must be recognized and countered. There is no alternative to effective supervision. …”

From John Kenneth Galbraith’s “The Economics of Innocent Fraud – Truth for our Time”, published in 2004 :

Time is coming fast when the realization that we have so far not managed to build the awareness of the majority of Canadians on the absolute and urgent necessity to change our flawed electoral system will have consequences so grave that it will take two generations to rebuild the Canada we want: fair, just, ethical and transparent.

FVC is a Canada-wide effort to create awareness of the problem with the first-past-the-post electoral process. FVC Chapters are especially active now, using the Election as a vehicle to drive change. You will find the “Declaration of Voters’ Rights” and other good material on the website, http://www.fairvote.ca/ -- from a great group of volunteers working hard for the benefit of all of us.

WAP/PAF strongly encourages everyone to sign the Declaration of Voters 'Rights that stands at nearly 10,000 signatures as of April 2011.