Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do we need another federal political party?

WAP/PAF exists because people are fed-up with political partisanship that dominates and determines who we are to vote for. Although all parties have good reasons to exist and it is our democratic right, as WAP/PAF is proving, to start a new party, current party platforms come through as too narrow or too extreme or too vague and the leaders of the major parties do not inspire. Another reason is because we are convinced that the current government leader is drawing Canada away from its original course and pursuing a dangerous and cynical path that is dragging Canada into situations with disastrous consequences for our future and the future of the next generations. Finally, because we are more than a party: we are an Alliance, which means that anyone can join and add strength to this grassroots movement by joining the conversation.

Is this political party for women only?

No, it is for all Canadians. We call it the Women's Alliance Party because women are 52% of the population and their voices are not being heard proportionately. We call on women and men to join hands and acknowledge that Canadian women have an important role to play nationally and internationally in the political arena. Both men and women are invited to join and move our country forward and onward together.

How does WAP/PAF plan to attract the youth and non-voters?

WAP, by recognizing that the young have a responsibility in the shaping of their country, invites young women and men to join the political discussion by actually creating an interactive forum where they can voice their concerns, chat with each other about politics, ask each other questions, respond to periodic questions on how they see the future, get feedback, and share answers and solutions.

Because many Canadian families are in debt, there is great pressure on young men and women to ‘go out there and earn money’. For many, money becomes the only key to success. This leaves many young people disempowered, disappointed and discouraged. Many do not wish to be simply consumers, feeding a system that fails to satisfy and they feel left out of the decision-making process. For many, life has become meaningless and boring. This is a waste of human potential and of a valuable Canadian resource

WAP supports Election Canada’s plans to pursue e-registration. This, we believe, will encourage the participation of many non-voters.

Finally, the strength of WAP is to offer a non-partisan alternative that has breadth, width and depth, proposing concrete, down-to-earth, common sense responses to the problems that are holding Canada back. See Issues for details.

When does WAP/PAF plan to break onto the scene?

WAP/PAF is completing the registration process with Elections Canada. To be registered as a political party, WAP/PAF needs 254 signed members. Special forms need to be completed before Elections Canada makes a decision about registering a party.

What will WAP/PAF do to ensure fair policies and good governance?

WAP/PAF proposes the creation of an independent Commission of elders and experts democratically-chosen, province by province, who will meet once a year to review the performance of the Federal government, underline its achievements and highlight its failures. Their consensual recommendations will carry constitutional weight and the electorate will have the opportunity to adopt or reject their proposals through the referendum system, which will be binding. Policies will be adjusted accordingly within a suitable time-frame to ensure that changes are implemented with optimum effectiveness.

Why do we need another Federal Party?

There are now nineteen registered parties in Canada. WAP/PAF will be the twentieth. WAP/PAF encourages all potential voters and members of all parties to view the following site: http://www.elections.ca - list of registered parties. Check each party listed with Elections Canada and see for yourself why we need another party. Share your thoughts with us. In the meantime, WAP/PAF is proceeding with registration because of the support it has received by people like you.

Where would we be as a country if WAP/PAF were in power?

As a dynamic majority party committed to bring in the changes highlighted in the Statement of Principles, Canada regains its rightful place as a leader in the peace keeping process and in the protection of our environment. Internally, Canada has its social services and security networks re-established; Canada becomes a nation where Canadians are empowered to vote through the STV. Partisanship and media manipulations are a thing of the past. Real issues are dealt with through referendums. Canadians are told the truth about our national debt and the state of the environment. And that's just for a start!