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Social Services

The current systematic dismantling of social services in health and education, such as child and elderly care support, etc. has adversely affected entire communities. WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will bring these back and ensure that education and health will not be sacrificed to benefit a faceless elitist minority group. Special attention will be given to the plight of the poor, the disadvantaged and homeless in both rural and urban Canada.

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will focus on self-help and care for caretakers by increasing access to home care and ensure that caretakers and users are involved in decisions about their care and health.

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will strengthen the Canada Pension Plan and protect the savings of all Canadians through a new Family Savings Plan that encourages participation of families in government-subsidized matching funds.

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will establish a National Housing Strategy whose goals will be to review the housing situation on a national level from the perspective of building sustainable communities; a home for every family, eco-villages; urban agriculture; parks and recreation. This will be visualized through architectural models designed to create multi generation communities that include housing for seniors, families and young adults in the same space.

Furthermore, the WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will spearhead a complete review of the Canadian penal system, the Harper government’s allocation of tax-payers money to the growth of incarceration establishments, and the criminalization laws concerning the use, abuse and production of harmful drugs.