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Creation and Distribution of Wealth:

The pursuit of unlimited growth has resulted in enormous damages to the fabric of society, families and the environment. The promises that this will have a positive effect on human happiness have disappointed.

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will introduce the Human Happiness Index which will determine future policies and reveal the more obvious symptoms of incompatibility between unlimited material growth and the good life that the erosion to Canadians’ health, wealth distribution (taxation), education and environment sectors have badly derailed. These factors are detrimental and contrary to the aspirations of the public as evidenced by the increased social disintegration, such as growth in crime, mental illness, drug usage, family breakdowns, and increasing instances of both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ corruption in the private and public sector.

A guaranteed annual income (GAI) plan is essential to keep everyone above the poverty line.

Particular attention will be brought to the issues facing Canadian immigration policies and regulations (refugees and immigrants).