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Crisis Management, Planning & Communications

In view of the increased probability and expectations of severe crisis both at the national and international levels, for example the national security crisis related to 9/11, 2009 financial crisis, RBC 2004 banking crisis, health crisis (2002-2003 SARS and H5N1 Bird Flu pandemic probabilities, etc.), changing weather patterns affecting ground and air transport, and most importantly environmental crisis that have the potential to destroy irreversibly our resources and environment, the WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will strengthen the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (PSEPC) and the Office of Critical Infrastructure and Emergency Preparedness (OCIPEP) whose task is to anticipate crisis and prepare government for timely responses.

In addition to this, a permanent Research and Development Crisis Prevention Task Force will be created with special powers to communicate and propose the implementation of long-term safety measures aimed at protecting the general population, land, water and all aspects of life, where danger is clearly anticipated and proven by scientific research, such as heightened sea water levels, extreme temperature levels, currency collapses, national security threats, epidemics and health crisis, etc.