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Election Reforms

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY stands for mixed member proportional representation, as proposed by NDP based on the New Zealand model, for federal elections. The single transferable vote (STV) is an interesting system because the electorate is able to rank the list of candidates in order of preference. But whatever the choice, the fact remains:  we need to urgently unite in overhauling the present electoral system which buttresses the discredited 'two- party system' of confrontation.

Electoral Reform, while giving fairer representation to different sections, will make co-operation between them easier. Proportional representation has the power to unite divided communities through a power-sharing executive with the potential to heal the rifts in our society.

Check the link for more details on how it appeared to many Ontarians that Elections Canada failed to adequately inform people about the stakes involved during the Ontario referendum in 2007. This time we will do it!