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Foreign Policy

The world faces enormous problems that threaten peace and the lives of countless millions, through both natural and man-made crisis. The need for international co-operation and understanding has never been more pressing and the contribution of Canada to building a better world as well as our universal hopes of a better life depend on partnership with our fellow humans. WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will actively promote cooperation with other nations, review Canada's input in international affairs, and support the creation of national WOMEN’S ALLIANCE parties in every country, irrespective of race, religion or political orientation with the aim of holding their governments accountable.

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY remains critical of any country which endorses the oppression of its peoples (human rights, freedom of expression and assembly etc). At the same time, WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY acknowledges that some of Canada’s traditional allies support overtly and covertly governments of oppression. In this respect, by tacit association, Canada has, over the past years, lost its credibility and character as a world leader in promoting justice and peace. WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will reclaim the advances lost and return Canada to its original vocation of world leadership in the areas of peace-building, development, research and policy-implementation.

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will ensure that Canadian investment interests and enterprises are safeguarded and that they do no harm to the Canadian peoples, its land, water and resources, as well as respect those of other nations.