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Green Economy

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will set tough new targets for the reduction of traffic pollution and waste management, disposal and waste recycling measures, and GHG emissions controls. This will help reduce global warming, cut air pollution and prevent energy waste. We will ensure that Canada plays its part in cutting green-house gas emissions to be met by both the Federal and the Provincial governments.

Create more jobs through environmental research and investments. We will ensure that these are measured by using new indicators of quality of life, progress and wealth and provide concise and readable reports to Parliament and the general public each year on the country's success in meeting these environmental targets.

Improve transparency and accountability of environmental and energy assessments and policies and give the environmental departments more authority to whistle-blow and penalize offenders through fines and taxes which will reward those bodies that provide and apply solutions to reducing environmental problems, such as cleaner heating of houses and offices, waste management reductions, etc.

Promote studies of, and research on, the environment in all educational sectors, from primary to higher education. Environmental protection will be built into every economic decision and every area of government policy. Recognizing that climate change and environmental protection is the responsibility of every nation in the world, Canada will support the next Kyoto/Cancun follow-up agreements scheduled to take place in 2011 in Durban, and take the lead in international environmental negotiations to develop a global system of environmental protection organization that will promote an environmental equivalent of the Geneva Convention to outlaw gross acts of environmental destruction, particularly in times of war and natural crisis.

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY aims to make Canadians proud of its environmental reputation and become the  greenest economy in the world.