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The Military

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY supports the International Criminal Court that deals with genocide and war crimes and calls for an end to the sale of Canadian arms, war material, and 'dual use' technologies to regimes which abuse human rights, and strictly control arms sales to regions of tension or potential conflict, with long-term policies to phase out the industry of weapons in favor of green industries that promote jobs and life as opposed to death and destruction.

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY joins those who seek a new international regime to control the arms trade and will support restrictions on transfers of military technology to non-democratic regimes as well as work towards a total ban on all landmines though the immediate and total outlawing of the production, stockpiling and export of anti-personnel landmines.

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY will press for the establishment of a mandatory UN register, in which all arms sales and transfers must be listed openly and authenticated by manufacturers and governments alike.