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World Peace and National Security

In an increasingly inter-dependent world, the security of Canada is best preserved within a framework of international law that is effective and enforceable. WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY believes that the United Nations has an essential and leading responsibility in world affairs and that Canadian foreign policy can play a major role in strengthening and reforming the United Nations, especially concerning its peacekeeping capability so that it can take earlier and more effective action to prevent or restrain conflict. This should include establishing fast track machinery for negotiations; permanent, on-call, peacekeeping forces made up from high-calibre peace-keeping troops; the establishment of a UN Staff College to train officers; and improvements to the UN's command control, communication and intelligence capabilities.

Concerning the UN Security Council, WAP stands with those who seek a complete overhaul of the UN and the dismantling the ‘Super-power-controlled' Security Council. This UN body, built on a 'power is might' militaristic model, has clearly failed to provide peace and security to numerous populations, and has lost not only its mandate and direction, but also its legitimacy. The role of "peacekeeping" needs to be urgently redefined to fit the 21st century where the perpetrators of wars, warmongering, the development and selling of weapons and the rekindled armament race will be heavily fined and ultimately abolished.

The UN needs a new mandate to work for negotiated peace, conflict resolution and common resource policing on the basis of one nation - one vote, with an additional vote for every 10 million inhabitants per country. In respect of balance, the boycotting of products and services of rogue nations will be sanctioned by a majority of votes.

WAP is concerned with the escalation of wars and how NATO is the 'face' that 'legitimizes' the use of military interventions to interfere and disrupt nations under the pretext of  'democracy' or 'terrorism'. WAP calls on an independent commission to review and determine the extent of NATO's acts of aggression, such as the most recent one in Libya. Canada's current government must be called to account for its role and actions in Libya.