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Youth and Development

Our youth stand at the door of opportunity, ready to contribute to society. The mass of young people coming out of higher education is increasing. So is the collective expectation to find jobs and meaningful occupations. Promises of jobs are being made, but debt-ridden young adults find themselves increasingly betrayed. Men and women with college and university degrees are working temporary shift-jobs or have to move to bigger cities, draining their home towns of a work-force ill-equipped or unwilling to stay. Our education system is increasingly being turned into a for-profit business. Endowments tend to influence the higher levels of learning, effectively depriving the universities of the independence upon which they thrive, muzzling the autonomous voices and controlling the hiring of professors whose views threaten their hold.

WOMEN'S ALLIANCE PARTY understands the need for universities to be seen as free from financial constraints and the need to up the benchmark of standards set for university entrance. This requires a higher standard of learning at the high school levels.

WOMEN'S ALLIANCE PARTY supports the creation of the apprenticeship system whereby high-school students, having attained the age of 15-16 years old, have the option to join an apprenticeship program of 2-4 years, with college-level semesters complementing the practical with the theoretical. Small businesses, artisans and enterprises will be able to offer places following rigorous conditions set by each Province.

WAP recognizes that in Canada, Quebec is the leader in this area (PAMT).