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Climate Changes, Lies and Prophecies

posted Jun 15, 2011, 10:49 AM by Esther Matharu   [ updated Jun 15, 2011, 11:26 AM ]
An interesting video clip (below) on climate changes in the US is worth reminding ourselves of what is going on and especially how people's minds are numbed and dumbed to the extent that large but isolated pockets of US citizens are being misinformed and lied to by the media and their leaders.

A Link Between Tornadoes and Climate Change? Never!
Tornadoes, fires, floods, crop failures—they’re all isolated events, right? This powerful video from Bill McKibben and Stephen Thomson helps connect the dots of the climate catastrophe.

How does this affect Canada?

Imagine that a ship is sinking in the seas, and that the first class citizens have the means to secure for themselves the life boats and reach a safe place. Imagine that the sinking ship is the US, and that the rich and powerful are able to secretly purchase land and businesses in Canada, and slowly move to the North where climate change might actually mean better businesses and warmer temperatures. Imaging a Canadian government that is complicit in this and enables the erosion of our social systems to woe these rich exploiters.

Imagine that these Rich White Men (and their families), believe that their country is doomed, that the blacks, immigrants and other non-whites are rapidly becoming a majority, and that their jail, heath, banking and tax systems have failed, that their agricultural land has been divested of all nutrients, that their food systems are making their poor sicker and sicker, that their old people's pensions have been eaten up to make them rich, that their parks and natural resources have been and are being destroyed. Imagine their incredible fear that men and women will rise up and demand retribution and reparation. But its too late. They have systematically destroyed their own nest, and are seeking a better an one to move to and exploit. Canada.

That is my feeling. And if you disagree, investigate. How many US citizens, businesses and property owners  have moved to Canada in the last few years? Where do they go to? Which States do they come from? Who are they? Which departments gives them the permits and nationalities to stay, according to which Canadian laws and regulations? Such an inquiry is not my job. Mine is to invite you to do so and expose the attack on the future of our children. I only hope I am wrong.