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Contempt of Canada's Paliament

posted Mar 22, 2011, 6:57 PM by Esther Matharu
Is it time for Canadians to push for a motion of non-confidence and fire Mr. Harper for contempt of Parliament, election fraud of 2006, and mismanagement of our tax payer’s money? Women’s Alliance Party says YES!

Contempt of Parliament is described in the House of Commons Procedure and Practice manual as "any conduct which offends the authority or dignity of the House, even though no breach of any specific privilege may have been committed." This offense of obstructing the Parliament and Parliamentary Committees from the carrying out of their functions is what we hope Canadians can clearly see. They failed to see this in 2006, when, in order to avoid an election, they allowed an unethical government engaged in fraudulent practices, evasive techniques, and unscrupulous actions, to continue to govern, by dissolving Parliament and allowing an election.

We have ourselves to blame too.

We should have taken the former Governor General Rt HON Michaelle Jean to task when she seriously erred and caused the dissolution of the Parliament Committee on Ethics and Access to Information that was investigating the fraudulent funding scheme used by 65 Conservatives in the 2006 election.

Look where our complicity and error has got us now?

How much longer will a compliant Governor General support such practices, techniques and actions?

How many Conservatives will fall on their own swords or take hemlock to protect their leader’s and party’s reputation, before they understand where their leader has taken them?

For example, International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda[1], for misleading the Commons in her handling of a funding decision for a church-based relief group Kairos;

Bruce Carson[2], for influence peddling after allegations that he used his position to offer access to the PMO, and other things such as crooked water deals[3].

Then there are Mr. Harper’s poor performances and broken promises. Just to mention one, whereby Canada pledged its “commitment to actively pursue the implementation of human rights domestically, including with respect to indigenous peoples, and noted that the promotion and protection of human rights was an integral part of its foreign policy. Despite these pledges, the report’s findings indicate that aspects of Canada’s foreign policy seemed to be void of human rights considerations, and that the human rights situation of indigenous peoples in Canada remained poor”[4].

And then there are the lies….and unilateral approaches to oppressive countries at the expense of justice and balance, purposely drawing Canadians into the polemics of religion when we have serious issues to work for.

The increasingly heated debate over what it will really cost Canada[5] to buy the new F-35 fighter jet. What were the procurement deals made with Lockheed Martin, and the behind the scenes dealings with the Norwegians[6] ? How did Canada ever get Lockheed Martin to conduct our 2007 census, when they are described as a major arms dealer[7], "advanced technology company", and a "global security company", with an vested interest in wars and weapons(worth $33bn in 2009)?

Who decided to compensate AbitibiBowater in 2010, starting a precedent of effectively privatizing Canada’s water resources under NAFTA and opening bulk water exports from Canada?

Mr. Harper, and his entourage, who else?

Mr. Harper, in order to evade a full investigation, prorogued Parliament to bring about the dissolution of the committee investigating Canada's complicity in the violation of the Convention Against Torture.

No matter what cosmetics the Harper regime is attempting[8], the facts remain: the promise of cleaning out the scandals of previous governments has only brought Canada more grief.

[4] Easier Said Than Done – a report on the commitments and performances of Commonwealth countries at the United Nations Human Rights Council (2010) – Canada