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Easter Message: Bedeviled, Bamboozled and Befuddled

posted Apr 23, 2011, 9:30 AM by Esther Matharu   [ updated Apr 25, 2011, 12:18 PM ]

When we start seeing the name of Mr. Harper in the same sentence as ‘liar’, ‘lies’, ‘fraud’ and ‘deception’, whether to describe him, his government or his past comments, I begin to feel insecure.

What are lies and what is truth, and who are the people who determine what is what?

Looking back, many of us witnessed the series of most blatant world-changing events that propelled our world into an escalation of wars which is on the rise today.  I remember my dismay and disbelief when Mr. Saddam Hussein was demonized in the North American press two years before the aggressive invasion by the US and knew that his country would be hit next. Why him and not the hundreds of others whose regimes were oppressive and cruel? Those of us who had the privilege of reading the international press, knew that the real battle of words was to win the US population’s minds by a continuous onslaught of the drip-drip-drip propaganda and lies being churned out by the US media. With the invasion of Iraq, followed by Afghanistan, the specter of sectarian conflicts was set loose and the whole region become rife for a renewal of a series of geopolitical wars fueled by oil, gold and weapons industry experimentation. Covered by a press skilled at disinformation and controlling to the extent that people only see one side, the side ‘they’ want us to see, we are being fed lies upon lies, to the extent that we no longer know the truth!

We knew this was coming when we saw a US government that came to power through deceit (remember Florida and the ballot cheats?), start a war on terror that was based on lies (WMD?), suppressed its own people through dictatorial constitutional changes (patriot act?), and printed tons of money to keep its bankrupt economy afloat while impoverishing millions of its own people.

In the light of the propaganda and lies, we have seen the moral fabric of a super power being destroyed, causing it to plunge into ever increasing poverty and anarchy. I would expect that Canadians had learned a lesson and would not go down that path. I would expect that Mr. Harper and his gang’s lust for power would be so obvious that in view of his lies and submissiveness towrads the people of Canada, he would not even be allowed to run again, disgraced as he should have been.

Instead, we see increasing lies in our press, the manipulation of polls, the clever construction of words, the pretense to democracy, and the contempt towards Canadians so obvious that one wonders how we reached this dismal point in our history as a sovereign nation.

When we start seeing the name of Mr. Harper in the same sentence as ‘liar’, ‘lies’, ‘fraud’ and ‘deception’, whether to describe him, his government or his past comments, I begin to feel very insecure.

I begin to doubt that my ballot box is safe, that the future of my children is safe, that my health care and pensions are safe, and that all we worked for to build an imperfect but socially vibrant society is going to be privatized in order to fill the pockets of the elite few. These men have learned that it is easy to destroy the moral fabric of a society when it is unable to distinguish the lies from the truth.

After the darkness of Good Friday comes the light of Easter Sunday. It is time to wake up and vote OUT the bedevilers, bamboozlers and befuddlers.