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posted Oct 15, 2009, 7:59 AM by Mr K. Bradford   [ updated Jan 25, 2011, 4:57 PM by Esther Matharu ]

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY wants to bring true democratic governance back to the general electorate because our rights and freedoms have been and are being auctioned off to the highest bidder, at the expense of our social security networks. Canadians have worked hard to secure a social system that serves the majority of its people.

We deserve better than to see all the gains made over the years disappear.

The two/three party system of confrontation has shown that democracy in its present praxis is deeply flawed and unable to maintain a truly representative government that expresses the aspirations of the majority of Canadians. One reason is because in our current globalized world, the complexity of interested and invested groups transforms governance into management, transparency into secrecy, media freedoms into information control, and our health, education and environment into marketable, competition-driven commodities at the expense of the public interest and tax-payers money.

The other reason is that trans-national corporations lobby and influence agreements and treaties that are no longer sustainable nor are they in the long-term interest of the people of Canada (trade, water, energy, military, etc).

Finally, partisanship prevents the electorate from voting for those with proven records on how to best serve the people in favor of those who hold a Party member ticket. Increasingly we see that those who have financial and interest-group backing are the ones who determine the fate of Canadians. This has been shown to erode people’s rights to have input in the agendas of the government.

Consider concealed items in various budgets and laws that are hurriedly pushed through Parliament without due information, examination, analysis and open debate to know that this is so. All these are determinant steps against national unity and reconstruction (for example the 21 days it takes to pass through the House of Commons MOUs and agreements without due debate and consultation by the electorate, especially where long-term international treaties that ransom the future of Canadians are concerned).

Furthermore, our current political arena is incapable of rising up leaders able to inspire the public to envision a future that is workable, just and promising. This is why many people in Canada, especially the young, dissociate themselves from politics today.

Election reform is necessary. The WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY proposes to review election campaigning and financing with an emphasis on performance over partisanship. The Alliance also proposes to refer major political questions to the general electorate through a more frequent use of federal referendums, especially on questions of international agreements and constitutional reforms. In order to protect our national sovereignty, the Canadian people will have the right to call for the dissolution of parliament and for the formation of a constitutional assembly to determine changes to the constitution where the sovereignty of Canada and its people’s rights are at risk.

Urgent changes are needed now. The WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY, as a new party with no vested interest, financial or individual, proposes to spearhead changes through a grass-roots movement by mobilizing women and men, young and old, to voice their concerns and fight for their rights to choose change over inaction, transformation over stagnancy, pro-action over re-action.

The new WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY opts to define the changes it wants, rather than wait for ineffective and sterile political parties to identify the people’s choices, make promises they are unable to keep, and align themselves with interest groups that create conflicts of interest with the general population, especially in the areas of education, health and the environment. Because it is not tied to any sectional interest, the WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY can justly claim that it approaches the problems of our country with a deep sense of community and with no doctrinaire prejudices and no class inhibitions.

    We call on minority parties which share these concerns, on top of their own specific agendas, to join WAP/PAF as it drives for changes that will bring the people out in great numbers to vote. Together we can bring in a government that represents Canadian's aspirations with integrity and vigor.

The WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY aims to modernize our politics to give people more say by forming a neutral People’s Commission that will be called upon to periodically assess progress at all levels of the elected Government using the internet to connect with the majority of Canadians, especially those living in remote areas.

WOMEN’S ALLIANCE PARTY’s Statement of Principles is bold and seeks to create a new spirit of partnership and change at the national and international levels. We seek to engage women and men from every country to adopt non-weapons proliferation and environmental protection policies that will be the signature of its credo and be instrumental in shaping a world where peace, transparency and justice are actively promoted, for the benefit and preservation of future generations.