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Hope for Europe? Canada's lost lesson -

posted May 16, 2012, 4:09 PM by S L
Why was the election of François Hollande as France's new President on May 6th experienced by many as a breath of fresh air in a stale and musty room? Because he ushers in the kind of socialism that appears to be the only ray of hope for Europe's floundering social cohesion. Mr. Hollande has clearly identified the problematic of so called 'austerity' measures which are as fake and irresponsible as the problems these measures pretend to solve. Like a pharmaceutical company that creates the disease it plans to cure!

Canadians are collectively duped by the appearance of solutions to problems our leaders have created. And not just our current and past political leaders: taxpayers who slumber, shareholders who live in golden ghettos, and activists who are divided and unable to unite federally.

Canada has much to learn from the French. Our socially responsible parties can gain courage and strength from watching what is going on in Europe. Angela Merkle and other corporate-owned European politicians are on their way out, and so should our own home-grown stooges. The sooner the better.

The Canadian Conservative party could also learn from the French election campaign: that an ultra-right party led by a woman (France's Marine Le Pen) can be a balancing force and gain momentum in a society that wants to experience the reality of diversity and choice.  But you cannot have a dictatorial type at the helm for this to be of any good for the citizens, because such men are self-serving. Quite the contrary to a Mr. Hollande.