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Kerfuffle at Queens and other Canadian universities

posted Mar 11, 2011, 6:23 PM by Esther Matharu   [ updated Mar 11, 2011, 6:54 PM ]
A small group is currently getting a tremendous amount of attention. To the point that University Dean’s and Rectors are in a fix; some people may even lose their job; security reasons are given for disallowing meetings in university centers; CUPE is jumping up and down; passions are aroused; why, even the party leaders and ministers are coming out with accusations and counter accusation!

What’s the buzz? What’s the fuss?

It's Israeli Apartheid Week! That’s what. So, what’s new? Only Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Oh, and Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Muscat. I must have forgotten something…..hum… Oh, Palestine. Sorry.

But why did all this polemic over student’s activities have to take on such dimensions when Israeli Apartheid Week has been happening for three years now? The question is who is feeling threatened? Who desperately needs the religious votes? Who comes out in righteous indignation against aggressive lobbyists? What (or whose) ideologies keep reducing everything to the simple word: anti-Semitism?

In all this, it is our integrity that is at stake. Justice is blind and shows no favoritism. That is why Mr. Nick Day, Rector of Queen's University at Kingston, has written a letter to Mr. Ignatieff, in response to his (Mr. Ignatieff’s) letter to the Globe and Mail.

With Japan in mourning, with Libya hostage, with uprisings and calamities all around, and with the election fever about to escalate here in Canada, we can ponder on the backlash of unholy alliances, fifty plus years of propaganda and all those fanaticized zealots in our midst. Can someone bring Rhyme and Reason back to North America, please?

As my grandson would say: “Oh no!”