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Mr. Harper's Autocratic Reign

posted Jan 14, 2011, 8:40 AM by Esther Matharu   [ updated Jan 21, 2011, 8:43 AM by Mr K. Bradford ]
Based on extracts of the exclusive interview with Steven Harper in the Ottawa Citizen, Thursday January 13, 2011.

Mr. Harper claims that ‘he wouldn’t last long if he didn’t exercise enough control of the government’ 
  • WAP's response: this is what all dictators say. Nothing new here, except that Canada is not a dictatorship, or is it? WAP asks since when does a leader ‘control’ a democratic country? A true leader understands the issues, leads the country and serves the people.

On the so-called ‘competitive tax structure’ that Mr. Harper claims is the ‘fundamental principal of our government’, WAP joins the majority of Canadians in saying that this is also the fundamental sell-out of what Canada stands for: a just, equitable and caring society. By reducing corporate taxes, Mr. Harper is giving Canadians a clear message: ‘Let the rich get richer and the poor get poorer!’

  • WAP's response:  a government that promotes growth of a small elite at the expense of the hard-working middle and lower class citizens is openly showing contempt towards the people of Canada.  How long are we going to tolerate this?

Mr. Harper says, concerning border security and Canadian sovereignty, that ‘we aren’t going to necessarily adopt American policy’. WAP asks Mr. Harper to qualify what he means by that.

  • WAP's response: the issues are being purposely muddled here. Linking terrorism and economic access to the US markets is like confusing apples and pears.  One plays on the security fears of people, the other on economic aspirations. Mr. Harper’s carrot and whip strategy is an insult to many Canadians. That is why WAP predicts that the Conservatives will lose the next elections.

Talking about Canada as 'coming out of a recession in a stronger position' and saying that we can ‘ride at the top of the global economy, which is what we’re doing‘ is throwing a blanket over our eyes. Its purpose is to hide the reality that Canada is way over its head in debts; that many citizens see their purchasing power reduced as their personal debt situation is dramatically and adversely impacting their future and their children’s future prospects. But to whom does this so-called ‘getting out of a recession’ profit? Those corporations who have clearly indicated that as long as they are making huge profits, all else be damned. WAP recognizes that not all corporations behave so unpatriotically, but takes offence that Mr. Harper is simply overlooking the majority of the people in his discourse about the economy of our country.

Mr. Harper says that before he came to power, he believed it was ‘critical to know where he wanted to bring this country’. WAP wonders since when does one man decide where to bring a country. If this does not sound autocratic, what does?

Finally, Mr. Harper talks about the billion dollar stimulus program, which has simply shoved the problem of Canada’s huge treasury deficits to the next generation, ransoming the future of young Canadians. Après nous le deluge! appears to be Mr. Harper's and his advisors' ideology.

  • WAP's response: The Conservatives will lose the elections because Canadians are not that ignorant, short-sighted and naïve. Lest we forget!

Conclusion: WAP proposes that we tackle the deficit together as a nation, change our spending habits, curtail our outsourcing practices, tighten the belts of those who need to lose weight - figuratively speaking - and review our trade agreements to safeguard Canada’s sovereignty. WAP proposes that the Attorney General’s warnings be heeded, that a clear set of checks and balances and effective accountability measures be respected so that government is held responsible to the people and not just to a future generation that has to pick up the pieces and condemn our present generation for the collective environmental and economic mess they find themselves in.