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Press Release - The Book "Man on Trial: the ABC of his Folly" is out!

posted Dec 23, 2011, 11:19 AM by Esther Matharu

December 19, 2011.  Ottawa, Ontario-Canada

 MAN ON TRIAL: the A B C of his Folly is a manifesto that calls on Man to be brought to justice for crimes against women and all the inhabitants of our shared ‘space’.

What this provocative book puts forth is that a major and deliberate shift in paradigm is the only way to unlock the current stalemate that pits the minute elite against the growing numbers of the dispossessed and disempowered. The power structures upon which traditional political forms of government are built are archaic, non-democratic, dysfunctional, and based on a militaristic and pyramidal mindset that is deeply injurious to Life.

This self-perpetuating feudal system of governance has stealthily ransomed people’s rights to good education, health and ownership of the world’s resources. Our current political models deprive the majority of the people - especially women - of their rights to fully participate in the decision-making bodies. The fact that on average only one woman out of five is actively engaged in politics in Canada is shocking. The infantilizing of our society, the lies of our media, the hypocrisy of our ‘democratic’ spaces, all contribute to divide and isolate communities, criminalize nonconformists and destroy our environment.

In a nutshell: this model was never designed to work for women.

For thousands of years, Man has had the opportunity to create a just society. In 2011, with the number of armed conflicts rising and the gap between rich and poor increasing day by day, Woman points to Man’s miserable failure to listen to her voice, to include her as an equally responsible stakeholder, to protect the environment, and to act justly. Using religion, the cult of military might, and the divide and conquer strategy, Man has perpetuated a political model that can only exist on the premises of his claim to dominate women and, as a consequence of this mindset, to exploit nature.

From A for Arrogance to Z for Zero, passing through C for Capitalism and R for Religion, the effects of the current paradigm on women is summarily looked at and commented on. What is the verdict? Readers make up their own minds, but for millions of women in the world, there is no doubt: Man stands condemned for having messed up the planet and for putting the future of our children at risk.

This is a call to Canadian women to move out of the old paradigm and unite to create a new leadership model that brings about the radical change we need - a revolution, an occupation, an uprising…..The young especially, our young women and young men, must be ready and prepared to create a vision based on Life, and reject the folly of the suicidal glorification of war that we see taking shape in the world today.

Esther Fueter-Matharu is a founding member of the Woman’s Alliance Party Canada and a member of its Council of Thirteen. She shares her time between Ottawa and Switzerland. She can be contacted at