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Question sanctions against Libya

posted Mar 1, 2011, 11:26 AM by Esther Matharu

As the use of sanctions in order to ‘punish’ Libya is held up as an act of solidarity to the uprising of the Libyan people, let us not forget what sanctions did to destroy the people of Iraq. The people were deprived of medication, of intellectual exchanges, education and humanitarian support. The sanctions helped the leaders tighten their control, reduce democratic voices and unleash harsh measures that caused untold suffering to the women and children. The ruling classes did not suffer, so the idea that you can ‘punish’ the leadership of a sovereign state through sanctions is simply a lie.

As the US and its followers (Canada, Australia, and UK) hurriedly put into place sanctions against Libya, we observe that this is done without any form of consultation making us, the Canadian tax payer and families, accomplices. Just as we have been made accomplices in the bombings of civilians in Afghanistan. Without information as to the expected outcomes of such an act, and without full disclosure and transparency, Canadian citizens can only hope that our leaders’ attempts to gain time in order to set in place strategic maneuvers designed to protect their own interests and not the interests of the distressed people of Libya, will ultimately be exposed for what they are.