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Rob-O-Calls: LeadNow asks WAP to share in citizens' disgust!

posted Mar 8, 2012, 8:51 AM by Esther Matharu
Dear Women's Alliance Party,

The robocall election fraud scandal just keeps growing. It seems that every day new evidence of systemic election fruad and shadowy connections comes to light. Right now, Prime Minister Harper's strategy is to claim the illegal calls were insignificant - just a few isolated "dirty tricks" by some rogue staff.

Today, I need your help to share two important articles that were just published that show deep and troubling connections to the Conservative Party centrally. The media is close to latching onto this important part of the unfolding scandal, and if enough of us share these first two pieces there's a good chance many more journalists will pick up on it.

Note: If you share both, please wait an hour between posts.

1. Robo-call scandal origins: inside the Conservatives’ voter suppression school

The first piece is by Leadnow's research director Emma in the Vancouver Observer, exposing a deeply troubling training on voter identification given to Conservative campaign managers - including a discussion of using voter databases and robocalls to intentionally mislead voters by pretending to be from another political party.

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2. Robocalls: Elections Canada expands probe into fraudulent messages in 2011 vote

The second piece, in the Toronto star, highlights how the national Conservative Party campaign quarterbacked local voter identification efforts all over Canada using "Responsive Marketing Group", one of the companies being investigated for fraudulent calls by Elections Canada in Thunder Bay. These are exactly the databases that would have made voter suppression possible.

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Thanks for your help,