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The Final Pre-Election Verdict

posted Apr 27, 2011, 11:54 AM by Esther Matharu   [ updated Apr 28, 2011, 10:32 AM ]

A few more days left before the elections. The Women’s Alliance Party/Parti alliance femmes sifts through all the information it receives and discussions at the grassroots level with citizens in Ottawa. Here is WAP’s own verdict on our most important election issues.

Electoral Reform or Bust

In terms of what we believe is the most urgent ‘change’ factor our county needs - electoral reform - we continue to point to Fait Vote Canada as the leading organization working towards uniting all Canadians, irrespective of their party affiliations, to join by signing a Fair Vote declaration. Those who believe that ‘things cannot continue as they are’, agree that this is the number one ‘change motor’ to address our failure to provide a fair and just democratic space for women, the marginalized small interest groups, the ‘other’ political parties, the First Nations peoples, and all those who place the interest of Canadians above the interest of a political party or a specific interest group.

Where do the five major parties stand as of today on electoral reform?

The Greens get top marks, followed by the NDP. Liberals and Conservatives, who want to hog power as they have done in the past, are not particularly in a rush to change things, which is one of the reasons the expensive provincial referenda we had in the past years were sufficiently under-informed to not pass; that, plus an older white-is-right generation’s sick idea that Canada should look like a downsized US version of a two-party political corporate merger. A good summary is given in this review on electoral reform published by the Torontoist:

SOS! Women and Children First

Also on top of WAP’s list is the fundamental question of our future. And that implies a close look at our children. Child care is lagging far behind. WAP’s vision is a universal child care program that is enshrined in our constitution as a human right, just as our health system is. By creating a national childcare program linked to health and education, we guarantee that every child in Canada has the quality of care that will enable it to grow into a healthy young adult. Linking this to nutrition means that we have more control over the foods we produce and what children eat, (for example in France now all kitchens and canteens up to primary school levels serve organic foods). More control also over the curricula in day care, kindergarten and primary schools, and an honest offer to all parents, especially to offer those who cannot survive on a one-person salary the option to choose whether or not to send their children to quality day care.

In this respect, NDP is ahead of the other parties, followed by Liberals. A resounding ‘F’ goes to Conservatives. They have done little else but dismantle services to women and children during their autocratic ‘reign’.

Drown the Drones

Finally, peace is a big issue and WAP/PAF believes that the militarization of Canada is not a coincidence but a well-planned attempt to draw us - as a society and totally against our will - into the superpower race that is destructive, anti-life and horribly lethal to the environment. We no longer have the excuses that our ignorance afforded. We can no longer deny the relationships that exist, for example, between the effects of mega bombs dropped on the earth, climate changes, the immeasurable harm done to the environment because of the need for resources to keep the war machine at its peak, and the mental and physical debilitations that stresses and engulfs millions and millions of people who live with food, water and shelter scarcity and job insecurity because of the voracious appetites of a warmongering greedy elite.

The Green Party is markedly top of the tops on this issue. The NDP has yet to make its stance clear on military spending. One can only hope that sense will prevail. Liberals and conservatives appear to be two sides of the same coin. We’re not sure on which side the coin will drop, but we hope it will not be the Conservatives because we know exactly where they want to take us. To hell. We do stand a small chance with the Liberals because some of them are able to think sustainably and outside the party box. We hope.

Balancing the Ballot

Questions of crime, gun laws, planes, trains and cars, prisons, pensions, our natural resources, our banking and financial policies, our foreign policy, our disgraceful treaties, national debt, immigration and so many other important issues are also there, but first, we call on our politicians to clean up the mess by getting rid of the cheats, the bullies, the gangsters, the thieves and the liars by voting for people who will give us a chance to bring in much needed electoral reforms. No more diddle dawdle. We want to plant both our feet firmly in the 21st century and leave behind those old fogies who still operate in the archaic dysfunctional model.

Under the current situation, WAP/PAF will continue to work with others to transform our society so that many more women will be able to enter politics with the assurance that they are not going to be swallowed by an all-men’s club with a neo-colonial mindset, and will receive the respect and civility that all humans have a right to expect.

Our vision is for a large number of men and women of integrity from all parties, led by the most environmentally sustainable and holistically aware MPs who agree to put aside their toxic noxious partisan mentality and work in partnerships with each other.

There is no space in this vision for the despicable contemptuousness of people who should have been sent packing home in disgrace a long time ago.