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What Else People are Saying about WAP/PAF

posted Feb 20, 2011, 7:23 AM by S L   [ updated Mar 21, 2011, 4:49 AM ]

in Ottawa - The web site looks great. I'll really get into it this afternoon. Targeting the women's vote is the best priority. (Mar 21/11)

CD in Ottawa I just checked out your website. Excellent. Well thought out. (Mar. 6/11) 

  in Ottawa - I love the idea of another party; something because the ptb certainly aren't doing anything useful. I hesitate a bit because of the women's thing. I'm afraid we won't get enough men. Men usually take over though, and men like toys and guns... (Mar. 3/11) 
GS in Toronto - good luck with your initiative. I agree that MMP or STV would be a big improvement for voters and public policy. In times like these, where so much is under attack, it's even more dangerous to allow the parties to continue to wield so much power with such small mandates. Mar. 3/11)

KB in Ottawa - Less than 23% of all eligible voters voted Conservative last elections. So if you get 25% of all voters
(50% of women voters) voting for you, you are in power. (Feb. 21/11)

SS in Toronto - I'm with you. Tired of old men in suits running everything. Or should I say ruining everything?
(Feb. 21/11)

DA in Regina - The timing of this group's creation is both good and bad. Good to see a broadening of opposition to current (last 30 years or so) move to a more 'uncaring' society. It may be unfortunate as it will be seen as another 'splintering' of opponents to current federal government priorities. (Feb. 21/11)

GCM in Mississauga - Congratulations on the birth of the Women’s Alliance Party/Parti Alliance Femmes. 

I was there at the birth of the Feminist Party of Canada.  We had high hopes and I think that our social movement made change for our daughters and sons.  I wish you even greater success with your endeavour.

I teach Community Services Workers at a private ‘career college’ in Mississauga, ON and I have forwarded your email with website on to all of them. (Feb. 20/11)