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What People are saying about WAP/PAF

posted Feb 12, 2011, 10:45 AM by Esther Matharu   [ updated Feb 16, 2011, 8:53 AM ]

IV in Vancouver - This is so exciting.Please keep me in the info loop. (Feb. 13/11)

TJ in Ottawa - I have mentioned the WAP to a well-known sustainability author, proponent and activist Mike Nickerson.  I have a copy of his book "Life, Money and Illusion - living on earth as if we want to stay".  He and his connections could be good partners in the WAP cause. Regards and good luck. (Feb. 13/11)

JR in Ottawa -  Best wishes.

JC in Ottawa - There are small groups all over our country who think like you do about this movement. I hope you are excited. I am.

BC in Ottawa -  Good luck. This is a great idea.

TJ in Ottawa -  Regards and good luck.

RB in Ottawa -  Glad to see this is off the ground.

HB in Ottawa -  Wishing you all the best on your launch. What do we want? When do we want it?

SL in Ottawa -  Looks interesting.

CD in Ottawa - The fact that you're doing it reflects the fact that Canada's political parties are failing to respond to a real need. Best of luck.

RC in Geneva, CH  -  I'm definitely going to work on promoting the party with Canadians in Geneva!!!

JK in Ottawa  -  Good luck with your inaugural meeting

NF in Muskoka, ON  - Well it's about time! Nellie McClung probably thought getting us declared persons in 1929 was a good enough start but as we still don't have enough representation on the Hill, maybe it's time to build an 'old girls network'. Sure, we abhor the way that's worked for the boys, and I'm sure this party will be more inclusive, but women have got to do something since every other mechanism for being involved has been systematically deconstructed. Go ladies!

SS in Ottawa -  Very professional Website!! Great job!

EW in Aurora, ON -  3 BIG CHEERS! Congrats! I'll tell others I know about it

CM in Calgary, AB -  This is something! I wish you all the best with this.

DS in Kanata, ON -  Very polished-looking website. I'm impressed.

EW in Aurora, ON -  I'll continue to direct others to your website whenever the opportunity presents. Please do let me know how things are going. I think you've got something great underway.

DF in Geneva, CH -  I personally believe and wish for a political party LED by women, but would love to find a term which would clearly encompass persons of my gender as well....

LB, in Montreal, QB -  It would be great if there was an enormous mobilization of people like you!