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What WAP/PAF wants in these elections

posted Apr 7, 2011, 10:10 AM by Esther Matharu

There is much talk about strategic voting, e.g. voting for the Liberals and not for the two other parties in the 'race' to the top - the NDP and the Green party. Many Canadians are being asked by the Liberal party to consider this as the only way to ensure Mr. Harper does not get a majority. Some groups, such as Catch 22 Conservatives, are actively promoting this.

In this scenario of strategic voting, the two-party syndrome is re-enforced. It does not change the way we vote, nor does it, in any way, restore our democratic space. It simply repeats the risk of Canadians being at the mercy of one party, its leader and its agenda.

The Women's Alliance Party feels that this type of strategic voting is weakening the message we voters should be giving based on what we want - the issues that are important to us. Voting to avoid what we don't want can be valid, but more valid, ethical and visionary is voting for what we do want. Contrary to what people think, multipartyism provides more checks and balances than the existing system, and coalitions are not the 'devil' they are misleadingly reported to be.

Therefore, we can (and ought to) extend the idea of strategic voting to mean voting for the Green party or the NDP party. By getting more votes, there will be more representation through increased ridings. This can trigger a need for a collation with a better chance of including the issues that are closest to making Canada a better place for all.

The women's Alliance Party is particularly concerned with electoral reform (see and other sites), as proposed by the 2004 Law Commission's report on electoral reforms. It is an excellent report that we should all read. In it are a number of succinct recommendations and concrete reasons why the FPTP does not serve the people. Simply put, our electoral process is deeply flawed.

The authors of the report correctly, in my opinion, projected exactly why we are in the state we are in today. 
Not surprising this tax-payers-funded report was totally ignored by the Harper gang.

Which ever the party you vote, VOTE!