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Why are We not Asking the Questions that Need to be Asked?

posted Jun 2, 2011, 5:17 PM by Esther Matharu
This article by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey "For Those Who Support the Libyan "Opposition", is burdened with WHYs, and the WHYs disturb me deeply and should disturb you too. Its not that we want us all to be disturbed beyond the daily disturbances we experience already, but behind these WHYs there is an entire world that is disappearing, the world of integrity and justice, or at least a pretense to adhere to those values that, more than anything, protect us, women, mothers and our children.

Let it be told again and again: it is not the awful weapons and arms, and the soldiers that use them, that protect us, but the truth revealed by the obstinacy of ordinary people who continue to ask WHY? No longer can we pretend we do not know to what extent we are complicit to the horrors of war our country is directly involved with. There is enough information out, numerous sites that expose the hypocrisy of our leaders, enough propaganda being generated by our spin doctors, enough dangerous political decisions being made with our tax payers money and in our name. Please dare to read and share the following article and come up with your own WHYs. It would not be normal if you did not have any!