Our Mission

The Mission: To assemble like-minded Canadian women and men under the umbrella of a new political party that represents the aspirations of communities across Canada. WAP/PAF is a party based on values, goals and clear strategies, driven not by the need and use of funds but by the political will that acts on the principle that ‘All Citizens Matter’.

The Objective:  To build a nation of self-reliant individuals, living in strong self-sufficient and sustainable communities and backed by a vibrant, dynamic and transparent government.

The Goals:
  • Win the next elections by actively participating in public affairs and by having o ne or more of i ts members endo rse d as candidates and supporting their election;

  • Hold parties accountable to the electorate without prejudice and bias;

  • Through education, build awareness of citizens, especially our young women and men, on the issues that define the future of our nation.