Who We Are

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Purpose of WAP/PAF

The Women’s Alliance Party is a wake-up call for all Canadians.

· Women are answering this call and demanding to participate actively in  the decision-making processes of our nation;
· Our young women and men want to become connected and more aware of their rights and responsibilities so that they can play a more active role in the political life of their country;
· Women across our nation want to have a vital and visible role in shaping our future and that of our children and of generations to come.

Who we are

We are concerned women and men who love our country. We are citizens who question the status quo.

These are the questions we ask and we invite YOU to join the conversation.

Let's talk about it.

Why is it that the majority of Canadians are not exercising their rights and fulfilling their responsibilities as citizens by abstaining from voting?

Why do so many people say they are un-inspired by the existing political parties?

Why are so many young men and women uninvolved, uninterested, and unwilling to ‘go out there and change what they do not like’?

We respond by forming a new political party – the Women’s Alliance Party.

One of our stated goals is to move into government people who are competent, responsible and motivated, and,

To move out of government people who are incompetent, irresponsible and full of contempt for the people of this land.

If you are tired of complaining and want to do something positive and contribute to the future of our nation, find out more about WAP/PAF and join us now!

Online Public Resources & Documents

Please feel free to download and print our Brochure or any of the documents you find here.

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